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The perfect garden is different for each of us: romantic or linear, naturally overgrown or strictly trimmed, filled with flowers or low-maintenance, functional or simply beautiful.

Your ideas and wishes take centre stage. We take into account natural elements such as soil, sun and shade, but also property boundaries and neighbouring properties in the planning and design, so that your garden doesn’t bring you any trouble, but only pleasure.

Bont Gartenbau Gartenplanung

Garden planning

We plan new designs or redesigns, renovations and refurbishments carefully, taking into account your needs and the existing conditions of nature. Whether you already have a specific idea of your garden or you have so many ideas that you can’t make up your mind – either way, we define the possibilities in an initial discussion on site and create initial images in our minds.


The centrepieces of every garden need to be chosen carefully so that they give pleasure for a long time. Soft lawns, seasonal flowering highlights, colourful year-round bloomers, shady trees, evergreen hedges, small herb gardens and harvest-rich beds – nature offers us all its riches to choose from. Thanks to careful planning and our many years of expertise, we can select the best plants to grow and thrive in the soil of your garden.

Bont Gartenbau Bepflanzung
Wege, Treppen, Mauern

Paths, stairs, walls

Just as the plant world already offers us many possibilities, we also have numerous architectural design options at our disposal: paths invite you to take a walk in your garden and lead to hidden favourite spots. Stairs provide access to other garden levels and catch the attention of the garden lover. Where paths and stairs invite exploration, walls set a boundary: as a privacy screen, for spatial separation or as a terracing element to straighten uneven surfaces. Ideally suited as a seating area, walls store solar heat, depending on the material chosen, and provide a home for native lizards, for example. Natural stone, wood, concrete, gravel and many others are suitable and durable building materials for paths, stairs and walls.

Places to linger, terraces, balconies

Cosiness in the smallest but also the largest of spaces. On your balcony, your terrace or in your garden, we create inviting and relaxing places to linger. It’s entirely up to you whether you use this wonderful spot for yourself, to spend a cosy evening as a couple or to share happy hours with your guests.


Visual protection

A privacy screen provides the desired privacy in the garden, on the balcony or terrace. It shouldn’t disturb the overall appearance of the garden or balcony and terrace, and should be made of suitable, weatherproof material. From a natural hedge to a natural stone wall to wooden elements or weather-resistant awnings, all options are open to you. We’ll be happy to advise you on your choice.

Water feature, lighting

Water and light are playful design elements in our green oases of well-being. They set accents and connect individual elements. We design light and water features so that your garden can be your own world of relaxation at any time of day.

Bont Gartenbau Wasser, Beleuchtung