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Bont Gartenbau Gartenpflege

Garden maintenance

Beauty needs to be cared for, especially when it’s natural. To maintain the pleasure of plants and garden for a long time, it requires continuous care. Seasonal gardening work is practically in our blood and we know when to take care of what. We take care of the garden when called in to do so or, if desired, throughout the whole year.

Bont Gartenbau Rasenpflege

Lawn: maintenance and renovation

To a certain extent, the lawn is an extremely hard-wearing surface. Regular mowing and occasional weeding keeps it in good shape. To keep it dense and lushly green, it needs special care and attention in between. We provide support and advice on maintenance and also know how to deal with uneven, holey and patchy lawns.

Roses and flowers

If they’re well cared for and given attention, they beguile us with their fragrance and blaze of colour. Roses and other flowers are sensitive plants, and pests and frost are their enemies. We actively support you with our knowledge so that you can enjoy your rose bushes and other blooming beauties for many years.

Bont Gartenbau Rosen und Blumen
Bont Gartenbau Bäume und Sträucher

Trees and shrubs

Very small or very large: we have the right tools at hand for all sizes and, above all, the necessary knowledge. We trim your bushes, shrubs and hedges, keep your trees in shape, and remove the leaves, fallen fruit and flower petals so that you also stay on good terms with your neighbours.

Planting and maintenance of public beds and borders


We take on the planting and maintenance of public beds and borders on behalf of municipalities, so that the village and cityscape are maintained at all times and provide pleasure for everyone. We fully comply with thelegal requirements regarding plant species and planting distances.

Bont Gartenbau Öffentliche Rabatten
Bont Gartenbau Friedhof, Gräber

Cemeteries, graves

The place of rest and remembrance shouldn’t lack care and beauty. In keeping with theseasons, we plant and decorate the final resting place and thus delight the visitors.

Plant pest management

Pests are a nuisance and the sooner we get involved, the sooner you can get rid of them. When combating pests, we attach great importance to natural and non-polluting methods and means. Almost every pest has a natural opponent. If the unwanted visitor still spreads, we work closely with Andermatt Biocontrol and have been using their field-tested products successfully for many years. In the interests of nature and our customers.

Bont Gartenbau Schädlingsbekämpfung
Bont Gartenbau Umgebungspflege

Maintenance of the public residential areas

Generally accessible plant and lawn areas of office and residential estates contribute to a well-kept public residential area just as much as clean streets and well-maintained buildings. We take care of the residential area dutifully and do the upkeep with great care and dedication.

Tree felling

Trees also have an expiry date. When they’re getting on in years, they become a risk and should be professionally felled. If a tree has grown too large and the shade it casts is disturbing for you or your neighbour, this also makes tree felling necessary. We do this professionally and without any danger to the surrounding area.

Bont Gartenbau Baumfällung