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Lawn care, scarifying the lawn

You can also maintain a dense and hard-wearing lawn with professional care.

By aerating the soil, the grass can breathe again and light and water are better absorbed in sufficient quantities. Your lawn should therefore also be scarified at least once a year.

If the lawn is not regularly green and dense, it may be because there is too little oxygen in the soil. Scarifying can then help to ensure that the grass roots receive more oxygen again.  The lawn then grows more densely again and also becomes more hard-wearing.

A lot of weeds in the lawn are often a clear indication that the lawn grasses are inhibited in their growth. Scarifying the lawn removes moss and thatch.

In principle, your lawn can be scarified from April to September. As the garden, and therefore also the lawn, is often used more intensively in the summer months, we recommend carrying out this “scarifying” maintenance measure in spring or late summer.


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