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A barefoot path on Rennweg in Herrliberg

Quantinis tackles a new project with BONT Gartenbau.

In February 2022, the pupils of the Quantinum Lernwelten private school discovered a barefoot path on the way to the Herrliberg library.

They enjoyed walking along this path again and again. Finally, they thought that a barefoot path like this on the Rennweg playground would also be fun for children of all ages.

Full of enthusiasm, they started planning. From March to April, they all sat together and, under the guidance of Nadine Fuhrer, landscape gardener and intern, thought about what the path could look like. Once all the preparations had been made, Mr. Kaufmann from the Real Estate and Landscape Department was invited. Mr. Kaufmann explained that quotes would have to be obtained from landscaping companies and that these, together with the drawings, would have to be submitted to the municipality as an application by the summer. In June, the time had come and the application could be sent to the municipality. The answer came very quickly. On 13.07.2023, shortly before the summer vacations, the Quantinis were delighted. Their project had been realized. The building committee invited the teachers, the Quantinis’ project manager and the gardening company to a meeting at the playground on 31.8.2023.

Construction work began on September 7 and the inauguration ceremony took place on September 8, 2023. First, the steel rails had to be dug in, the spaces between them excavated and the ground prepared for the fillings. Some Quantinis were allowed to help diligently with the filling of the materials, others prepared a small aperitif for the inauguration ceremony and