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Company outing 2023

The BONT crew met for their annual team outing on a September Wednesday, early in the morning on the Hardturm stadium wasteland…

…The site of the former Hardturm stadium has been in interim use since 2011. The area is a much sought-after and much-used open space. In summer, festivals are held here and then there is a beautiful green oasis, which is managed by the Stadionbrache association. Lolo de Vallier, the caretaker of the wasteland, led our gardening crew through all areas of the stadium garden and gave us an in-depth insight into how this wasteland has developed over the past 12 years.

Our excursion tour continued towards the middle of the morning. By tram and bus from the Hardturm, up to the Nordheim/ZH crematorium. In the largest crematorium in Switzerland, we were then given an impressive and moving guided tour, which gave us all an extremely informative insight into the processes of this crematorium.

Equipped with a packed lunch, we left citysside around lunchtime. We travelled by train along Lake Zurich and Walensee to Sargans.

During the train journey, the brain cells of the BONT crew were put to the test as a quiz sheet had to be completed during the hour-long journey.

In Sargans, our afternoon programme included a visit to the Gonzen mine.

This iron mine is the largest visitor mine in Switzerland and has been closed since the 1960s. The Gonzen Express transported our group 2 kilometres through the base tunnel to the so-called main station. We then set off on foot on an approximately 2km-long tour, via roadways, galleries and stopes, past workings, silos and equipment up to Gallery 5 – exactly 85 metres above the main station – and back down again. The experienced mine guides allowed us to experience and visualise the work processes that have been practised in this mine for centuries.

As is tradition, we ended the day together in the gourmet restaurant. We feasted, enjoyed ourselves and celebrated the conviviality among us colleagues. Of course, the quiz questions were also answered and Bürgi, our supplier of gardening materials, offered our three quiz winners extremely attractive prizes.

After this day full of new impressions, everyone returned home rather tired but certainly satisfied.

BONT Gartenbau Betriebsausflug
die Schweinchen im Hardturm-Wäldchen
BONT Routiniers
BONT Experten
Lolos Künste im Humusanbau..., selbst Der Gärtner staunt
Freiraum Stadionbrache
Krematorium Nordheim/ZH
Lichtspiel in der Kapelle Nordheim/ZH
QUIZ: Welches Laub fällt von keinem Baum?
Sargans, Gonzen Berwerk
verunsicherte Männer - wie tief wohl der Stollen ist?
in der Schweiz grösstes Besucherbergwerk
stillgelegt in den Sechziger Jahren
Kadir in BOND-Mission
ein Teil der BONT Crew Mitten im Berg
hier wurden über Jahrhunderte lang Metalle (Erze) abgebaut
auf dem Weg zur Heiligen Barbara hoch auf Level II
über 90km Stollen & Gänge, liegen unter dem Gonzen
Wir kamen allesamt wieder gut aus den Stollen heraus.
Und unsere drei Quiz-Gewinner: Nicola, Andrea & Peter (v.l.)