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Company outing 2022

On a hot, summery July day with the BONT crew through Zurich City

When around 20 gardeners meet at Zurich main station on a Friday morning in July 2022, there is usually a big program for everyone.
By train to Regendorf, on a visit to Trutmann & Co, our cement factory partner. After an informative tour of the production halls, where, among other things, high-quality garden slabs are pressed, we were able to enjoy our lunch barbecue, including a relaxing siesta, in Trutmann’s show garden.

A little rest before the second half is always recommended.
In the afternoon, we headed back into the city.

In the middle of Zurich, we visited the start-up company Umami, which cultivates herbs and vegetables, following nature’s example. Aquatic animals provide nutrients, plants in turn purify the water and the biodiversity and natural balance of the ecosystem ensure that no artificial fertilizers or pesticides need to be used.

After this inspiring tour and on the way to dinner, we took a spontaneous dip in the Limmat. And in the evening, we rounded off what had been an exhausting day in the garden pub.

Besichtigung der Plattenfabrik, Trutmann, Regensdorf
Kräftemessen unter Gärtner
notwendige Chillout-Session an der Limmat
fachlicher Austausch unter Kollegen
Gebräunt von der Sonne: Admin vs. Gärtner
vorbildlich mit öV zum Dinner
fröhlicher Ausklang abends beim Nachtessen